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About Perflex

Stability and Progress:

PERFLEX LTD, a leading manufacturer of dental

biocompatible thermoplastics for aesthetic dentures, by injection molding systems.


Perflex develops new formulas of high performance materials and tools to simplify the working process in dental laboratories.

Flexi nylon –  for flexible partials .

Acetal  - for tooth shade colored clasps.

Acry free  - non-allergenic acrylic material.

T-Crystal the new revolutionary biocompatible thermoplastic for all denture types.


Besides a high-quality line of materials, Perflex  offers a system that simplifies  processes and shortens work time.


Our system and thermoplastic materials line are currently distributed in many countries around the world.



Perflex takes pride in a stringent adherence to quality manufacturing standards ISO :13485:2003 & ISO:9001:2008 thus assuring customers of consistent products with predictable results.

Perflex quality standards also meet the rigid specifications of the European CE mark.  Perflex compounds materials are biocompatible and non allergenic.


Research and Development:

Perflex is proud to introduce a premium semi-flexible thermoplastic: T-crystal, which bonds to acrylics and is suitable for all types of removable dentures, including implant-retained overdentures without any need of a metal frame for reinforcement. PERFLEX creates  A NEW CONCEPT Of AESTHETIC DENTURES not involving gums for the retention and support to the appliance.


T-CRYSTAL is the most advanced thermoplastic for aesthetic removable dentures of today's modern dentistry  


The Perflex company was founded in 2007 by Perla and Vidal Ben Simon after a long period of research, engineering and improvements in aesthetics dental thermoplastics. Perflex owns an advanced  dental laboratory specializing in thermoplastic denture techniques that allow to conduct courses onsite and to implement the Perflex systems. 


Perflex lecturers and instructors lead courses and represent the company around the world. 


Perflex success didn't come by chance, it's takes years of research and experience to meet the objectives of modern dentistry. 

We invite and welcome you to join us in our success. 


The Perflex team.


Our Vision

The Perflex Team is committed to solving all of your dentistry challenges with reliable, top-quality products.

When you are using Perflex LTD products you are placing your confidence in one of the most high-end companies in the dentistry world.